Explore Boston

Exploring Boston

The goal of this project is to collect different people's perspectives of Boston and their specific neighborhood. All kinds of content from photos, written descriptions of places or people, drawings, etc. are all great ways to display pieces of the city.


Your goal is to get out into the city you live in and explore, keeping an eye out for things you think are interesting.

To participate:

1. Find a group of friends or classmates

2. Go to a place in Boston that none of you have visited before

3. Explore! Look for hidden treasures, interesting people, or beautiful sites

4. Document you findings with pictures, poems, videos, writing, or however else you choose.

5. Submit to the @thecityisee Instagram account to be posted.

Go forth and wander!

For examples and more content, visit @thecityisee on Instagrm! Use the guide below to participate.

Download the guide here!